I wrote my first play when I was fourteen, called “Millie.” It was about an old woman who feeds pigeons in the park, and the friendship she provides a disconnected, materialistic yuppie guy when they share the same park bench. It won a young playwrights’ contest in my hometown. I got to see it staged and performed, which made me immediately hooked on writing.

I wrote plays throughout high school and college at Yale, where I wrote my first screenplay. Right after college, I attended the University of California, Los Angeles’ MFA program in Screenwriting. I wrote six feature-length screenplays during my time there. 1 1/2 of them were good, but that was enough to get me my first agent … which promptly gave me major writer’s block. 🙂 Since then, I’ve written a few more features, a spec TV episode, and a pilot.

As a screenwriter/TV writer, I’ve worked for Maven Pictures (GIRL MOST LIKELY, FILTH) and producer Gary Levinsohn (THE PATRIOT, TWELVE MONKEYS) among others. I’ve also written and produced 50-odd hours of nonfiction programming for networks like Discovery, Discovery ID, Bravo, History Channel, and MTV.

I’m currently developing a WWII miniseries based on the incredible life of the most successful American female spy in history, for Scott/Burns productions.